New album

Circum Continuum - in which space and time weave the delicate relationship of its components to us, so so small, but so different. The unique combination of creative ideas of the musicians of the group and their performance due to their musical experiences and influences, ensures that the newest product stands out for its originality and quality. The appearance melodic hard parts, as well as the rhythmic foundation and advanced harmonics, more complex forms provide a sound and a voice as unique and modern, with a coherent ensemble. The various criticisms received by all, over the years, as evidenced now describe the group has particular potential. The warm welcome and unanimous, the praise it received from the public and professionals of international jazz has always confirmed its high capacity deployment, intelligence and magic both on stage and on record, whatever its formation.
Auguste - witness of living jazz

Alain Bedard
Quebec Jazz

Known as the founder of Quebec prestigious jazz label Effendi Records and producer of many albums on the label, Alain Bédard is also and above all an accomplished bass player, but also a visionary organizer. Thus the creation of the "Québec Jazz", he set up bold projects, unpublished to open structures dating, clever shifts that have crossed Canada, Europe, USA and Asia.The last project "Quebec jazz" has been presented at the Jazz at the Lincoln Center in New York in october 15, in collaboration with Yves Léveillé Productions and Donny McCaslin on saxophones like special guest.

Alain Bedard

Auguste the group, led Alain Bédard and for whom he is a composer, will celebrate its 20th anniversary season 2016-2017 creation. In order to celebrate the launch of the new album "Circum Continuum" and this particular event in a career, Auguste would like to highlight a new formation with which he will give concerts across Quebec and abroad. Here Auguste quartet with Samuel Blais quartet - soprano, alto, baritone, Alain Bédard - double bass, Félix Stüssi - piano, Michel Lambert - drums.

Alain Bedard
New website

After several unsuccessful attempts to make a new site on my projects, I am pleased to present this one. Still under development, it will be available and complete on computers, tablets and cells shortly. Thank,s a lot to Pascal Milette for design and photos, Felix Lajeunesse-Guy for videos and Justin Toussaint for programming. I hope that he will learn as much as you please.