Exalta calma
Auguste play Exalta Calma in 2022

After having played "Circum Continuum" on several continents from 2016 to 2019, the Auguste quartet returns with a new opus that brews the readings of time, contrasts and atmospheres as sound climates. With "Exalta calma", Auguste invites us to superimpose two entities that could suggest an invariable distance that animates the interior of a painting, a person and / or even a sound. The music of the quartet does not show up to the excitement of speed, but the shivers and the elasticity of the sentences that with the arrival of saxophonist Mario Allard, boiling of life, energy and exultation. L'Auguste quartet jouera la musique de l'album "Exalta Calma" sur la saison 2022.

Musicians : Mario Allard :  alto & soprano saxophones - Félix Stüssi : piano, compositions - Alain Bédard : acoustic bass, compositions, Michel Lambert : drums

Alain Bedard
Quebec Jazz

Known as the founder of Quebec prestigious jazz label Effendi Records and producer of many albums on the label, Alain Bédard is also and above all an accomplished bass player, but also a visionary organizer. Thus the creation of the "Québec Jazz", he set up bold projects, unpublished to open structures dating, clever shifts that have crossed Canada, Europe, USA and Asia.The last project "Quebec jazz" has been presented at the Jazz at the Lincoln Center in New York in collaboration with Yves Léveillé Productions, l'Auguste quartet and Donny McCaslin on saxophones like special guest. Other "Québec Jazz Connexion" concerts are planned in Europe in the fall of 2022.

Auguste 2022
Auguste Quartet

Auguste led by Alain Bédard and for whom he is a composer, start his 25th season of creation. The Auguste showcases a brand new formation with which he gives concerts around the world. Here is the Auguste quartet with Mario Allard - soprano and alto saxophones, Félix Stüssi - piano, Alain Bédard - double bass, Michel Lambert - drums