Exalta calma

After playing “Circum Continuum” on several continents from 2016 to 2019, the August quartet returns to us with a new opus that mixes time readings, contrasts and atmospheres, as well as sound climates. With "Exalta calma", Auguste invites us to superimpose two antipodes which might suggest to us, variable forces animating the interior of a painting, a person and / or even a sound. The quartet’s music is not about the intoxication of speed, but about the thrills and the elasticity of the phrases, which with the arrival of saxophonist Mario Allard, a hotbed of life, energy and exultation.

Musicians : Mario Allard :  alto & soprano saxophones - Félix Stüssi : piano, compositions - Alain Bédard : acoustic bass, compositions, Michel Lambert : drums


The unique combination of creative ideas of the musicians of the group and their performance due to their musical experiences and influences, ensures that the newest product stands out for its originality and quality. The very strong melodic aspect, rhythmic foundation and advanced harmonics, more complex shapes give a sound and tone as unique, that modern, coherent at this band.


The various reviews received by the group, over the years, as evidenced now to describe the group has a particular potential. The warm welcome and unanimous, the praise it has received from the public and the international jazz professionals has always confirmed its high deployability, intelligence and magic both on stage and on record, whatever its formation .


This new album, we are proud to release today culminates after two decades of research, experimentation, recordings and concerts. Throughout these years of career, l’Auguste is proud to have shared the stage with several personalities of contemporary jazz.


L’Auguste was involved in all projects as rewarding some, the others including the one that exists today. There have been countless musical exchanges, but nothing is more stimulating than presenting the true music of the quartet, a cool music, sound and meaningful in the world of contemporary jazz, guided by accomplices musicians.


"It's great, full of creativity. Everyone goes into the corners where the themes are not usual. Felix, shiny keyboard. Blais stake of a more enlightened and your bass playing refined opens different paths. Beautiful dedications felt, especially to Carole "Michel Dupuis.


Samuel Blais - soprano, alto, baritone saxophones

Félix Stüssi – piano

Alain Bédard - double bass

Michel Lambert - drums

Homos Pugnax
Homos Pugnax

The process of creating the final CD Auguste group " Pugnax Homos " and its implementation started in the last group tour in Europe when the drummer Michel Lambert joined the group. In order to create a coherent combination , each musician has been involved in bringing original parts. The album has arisen while complicity in exploration, harmony and rhythm, deeply marked by media rumeure international conflicts , marking significantly our mind. Fortunately the music of each show was there to soothe and make us forget our man's pugnacity . Shapes and colors infiltrated from concert to concert , generating an inspiring musical adventure from start to finish .


"Whether through complex compositions, such as a mechanical downtime Stop-and-go" Brain Legs "absolutely successful, there is a reflection-there ... Listen with both ears and you turn the brain to follow the winding paths of the four musicians. " Jazzthing, Germany 


4 stars Jazzman / Jazzamagazine 2011, France

5 stars Jazzthing 2011, Allemagne

CD Révélation Jazz News 2011, France

In the 5 best  Jazz album in Québec scene in 2012


Frank Lozano - soprano and tenor saxophones / bass clarinet

Alexandre Grogg - piano

Alain Bédard - acoustic bass

Michel Lambert - drums

Bluesy Lunedi
Bluesy Lunedi

A solid music, inspired, North American and current, served by five musicians at the top of their game. This comment is not intended to imply that there is something under Effendi label that is good jazz. Inspired by a trip to Italy ...


To the delight of jazz connoisseurs everywhere, Alain Bédard and his Auguste Quintet are at it again. Hot on the heels of their highly successful second opus (Sphere Reflexion - FND069), they’re now busy cooking up a new project, of which only they know the secret... The quintet adds a touch of mischievous humor to contemporary acoustic jazz through their rich, modern, soaring, dynamic compositions.

Nominated at ADISQ in the category - Best Jazz Album of 2009
JUNO nominated in the category - Best Jazz Album of 2009
4 stars Jazzman 2009


Frank Lozano - soprano and tenor saxophones bass clarinet
Jean-Christophe Béney - soprano and tenor saxophones
Alexandre Grogg - piano
Alain Bédard - acoustic bass
Pierre Tanguay - drums

Sphere Reflexion
Sphere Reflexion

This disc is something after thinking about MONK’s music, which has always fascinated and inspired and a parallel reflection on the condition of the planet, which bears for centuries incomprehensible gaps and unconscious acts of man.


"Although clearly monk’s allegiance, that jazz is much closer to the idea that we have of the language in 2006 - in acoustic version. The harmonies are rich and varied, Alain Bédard traces are elegant lines in the bass, peaceful and modern arrangements winds calmed down modernity of the approach. Note also the pianist Alexandre Grogg, the harmonic depth stuff the cautious play. Unable to raise some lack of taste in this Sphere Reflexion "Alain Brunet la Presse, Montreal


In the 5 best jazz album of 2006 by la Presse, Montreal

In the 5 best jazz album of 2006 by Ottawa Citizen

4 stars Jazzman 2006, Paris


Frank Lozano - tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet

Michel Côté - alto sax

Alexandre Grogg – piano

Alain Bédard – acoustic  bass

Pierre Tanguay – drums