Montreal Jazzlab Orchestra

The Montreal Jazzlab Orchestra, which is a flagship of Quebec jazz, is the triumph of a vision: that of a group that has become a crossroads of exchanges, a convergence of distinct looks in the spectrum of a formation the only one capable of tame all approaches in a high-flight course, the result of a collective work of rare coherence.

MJLO is defined as a specific group, in the world of Canadian jazz. Generally made up of 8 musicians leaders, it has often passed from 8 to 12 to 22 musicians according to the projects. The MJLO explores the musical writing in different styles, supported each time by composers and musicians stunning. Always keen on originality, always committed to making a group of amazing artists gravitate, the MJLO has been inspiration in every project since its creation in 2003. « A particular musical perspective of contemporary jazz" according to Alain Brunet, of the Presse, Mtl » Virtually the only style formation in Canada, MJLO has published 5 albums, created more than 35 special projects with international artists and performed on several continents, more than 250 concerts in almost 15 years of existence. The most striking thing about this group is that it has only been offering very original high-quality music projects since its inception. Of a rare intensity, he constantly demonstrates an insatiable taste of exploration, combination, audacity, in all styles from the trends of modern jazz.

After having had a rather busy season with the release of the last World Colors CD in 2015, MJLO took in 2016 for different reasons a little distance of the jazz scene. Several projects took place in the 2015-2016 season with, among other things, concerts in Quebec of the World Colors project with international artists, including the American violinist Mark Feldman and the saxophonist Donny MacCaslin, and the special project with the composer and double bassist Rufus Reid inflated to block, during Jazz FEST « Jazz en Rafale » 2015, gathering 22 musicians plus the female singer Carole Therrien. MJLO has also been performing outside concerts at the FIJM, Palais Montcalm and in concert at the festi jazz in Rimouski. The special project with the great composer and bassist Rufus Reid, who was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2 categories in 2016, had nominated at the OPUS Award in the Best Jazz concerts of the Year in January 2016. In May 2016, Jazzlab Orchestra Montreal has commissioned works from composer and pianist Félix Stussi to write 9 pieces to allow MJLO to work on a new repertoire. Having received a writing scholarship from the CALQ in November 2016, we expect his works for September 2017. MJLO will therefore be preparing to celebrate its 15th anniversary in March 2018 with a new show supported by the CAM, which awarded it a grant production. MJLO will hopefully, have the chance to record the music of Félix Stussi on a new album early in 2018.

The 15th anniversary of MJLO is approaching. OUFS ! it goes too fast...